Live streaming funerals in Yorkshire

Live streaming funerals in Yorkshire


Family and friends watch remotely

As the coronavirus situation escalates in Yorkshire and the North of England, the guidance is that attendance at funerals and memorial services be limited to the closest family members only to avoid large gatherings that may help the spread of COVID-19. Social Distancing is now more important than ever, to protect our loved ones who are at risk, and to protect funeral directors and crematorium and cemetery staff, who have been rightly identified by the government as key workers during this pandemic.

Although live streaming our moment to say goodbye feels unfamiliar and maybe a little impersonal, the technology that 4Live has, provides a risk-free alternative to social gatherings when attending a memorial service.

Even before strict ‘stay home’ guidance from the government. A decision made by his family to limit the number of people in the congregation and mitigate the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

4Live’s brand new service is likely to become common during this virus pandemic, where a live stream technology will be used to allow friends and family to mourn together, whilst keeping a physical distance and staying safe.

Are You Ready?

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